Refresh Rate and Gray Level of LED Display

refresh rate quality จอ led ความชัดและระดับของสีเทาบนจอ LED

With the rapid growth of the LED display market demand in recent years, the development and application of indoor LED displays are also increasing, from ordinary applications such as shopping malls / conference rooms to monitoring / command centers and even studios. However, in these scenes, can the LED display meet the needs of users? Can the images displayed by these LED displays meet the human visual viewing? Can these LED displays withstand the test of cameras with different shutter angles? The main factors affecting the above problems are the refresh rate frequency and gray level.

Refresh Rate frequency of LED display (visual refresh frequency)

   “Visual refresh frequency” refers to the screen update rate, which is usually expressed in Hertz (Hz). Generally speaking, the visual refresh frequency is above 3,000Hz, which is a high-performance LED display screen. The higher the visual refresh rate, the more stable the screen display, and the smaller the visual flicker. The low “visual refresh frequency” of the LED display, in addition to the horizontal horizontal stripes that appear during video recording and photography, may cause discomfort when viewing, and even cause damage to the eyes.

Gray scale of LED display

 “Gray scale” refers to the color gradation of different colors between the darkest and brightest colors. Generally speaking, the gray gradation is above 14 bits, that is, it has at least 16,384 color gradations. High-performance LED display. If the number of gray levels is insufficient, the color gradation may be insufficient or the color gradation of the gradation color may not be smooth enough to fully display the colors of the movie, which greatly reduces the LED display effect.

The LED driver chip directly determines the performance of the LED display in the visual refresh frequency and gray level. JLED has been pursuing to provide customers with high-quality LED display screens. In the research and development of indoor LED display screens, it has always selected PWM driver chips with high refresh and high grayscale processing to provide customers with true-to-life colors and full-colored high-quality display effects.

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