Refresh Rate and Gray Level of LED Display

refresh rate quality จอ led ความชัดและระดับของสีเทาบนจอ LED

With the rapid growth of the LED display market demand in recent years, the development and application of indoor LED displays are also increasing, from ordinary applications such as shopping malls / conference rooms to monitoring / command centers and even studios. However, in these scenes, can the LED display meet the needs of users? Can the images displayed…

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LED Screens : 9 Tips for Judging the Pros and Cons

P8 Outdoor จอ Led screens Display Screen Asiatique the Riverfornt

In order to quickly judge the quality of the LED Screens, from the perspective of all parties, the following 9 important items of the LED display are integrated. The first 8 items are suitable for general LED displays, and the 9th item is for small-pitch LED displays. Maximum brightness Refers to the brightness of each primary color of the…

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Tips Before Buying Led Display Learn NOW!

Many customers want to install a display in the store, but because they are not in this business, they will not know about LED display in many places. If they encounter unscrupulous merchants, they will not know! As a professional LED display manufacturer, JLED Display is very necessary to introduce the parameters of LED display, so what basic parameters…

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