Tips Before Buying Led Display Learn NOW!

Many customers want to install a display in the store, but because they are not in this business, they will not know about LED display in many places. If they encounter unscrupulous merchants, they will not know! As a professional LED display manufacturer, JLED Display is very necessary to introduce the parameters of LED display, so what basic parameters should we know before buying LED display?the following are the tips before buying led display.

1. Dot pitch of LED display:

The dot pitch of LED display refers to the distance between lamp beads and LEDs on the LED display module; for example, the dot pitch of P4 LED display is 4mm, and the dot pitch of JLED display P3 LED display is 3mm, P2.5 LED display pixel pitch is 2.5mm, and so on, how much P is the number of dot pitches; the smaller the dot pitch, the more expensive the price, the clearer the display effect, the higher the pixel density, the more pixels, The closer the precision is, etc.

จอled display viewing distance jled tips before buying led display
P10 pixel pitch p4 pixel pitch comparison tips before buying led display

2, How many mil is the size of the LED chip:

mil is a unit of measurement, one mil is one thousandth of an inch, 21mil is almost 1mm, 15mil, 25mil, 27mil are common size specifications of 1W high-power chips. In theory, the larger the chip, the more current and power it can withstand. However, the chip material and process are also the main factors affecting the power of the chip. For example, the CREE 27mil chip can withstand power from 1W to 3W.

comparison of high refresh rate low refresh rate tips before buying led display

3. Refresh rate of LED display:

The refresh rate of high-quality LED display is generally 1920HZ / s. JLED display LED display refresh rate refers to the number of times the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the better the displayed image (picture) stability. The refresh rate will directly determine its price, but because the refresh rate and resolution are mutually restricted, only a display that achieves a high refresh rate at high resolution can be called a performance E show.

You can understand it this way, the refresh rate is the number of times the screen is refreshed per second. When we watch a movie, we actually see a still picture, like a slide show. Why do we feel the picture is moving, that is Because the human eye has a visual staying effect, the impression of the previous picture left in the brain has not disappeared, and the next picture has followed up, and the difference between the two pictures is very small. One action requires a lot of pictures. The screen is displayed, so we feel that the screen is moving. This pair of replacement screens is refreshing. Assuming that an action is completed by 20 pictures, we look a bit like a cartoon, and this action increases to 30 this is the refresh rate.

4. One of the tips before buying led display is Gray scale:

LED display logic output is 16384, CRT vision 65536 is gray.

5. Scanning methods:

There are many scanning methods for LED displays. The scanning has little effect on the price and quality of indoor LED displays. The price of outdoor LED displays is affected by the scanning methods, because the lower the scanning method, The higher the brightness, the more expensive it is! Scanning methods for indoor LED display are 1/16 scan and 1/32 scan; outdoor scan is 1/2 scan (the product of this scan method is p10 full color), 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan.

6, Large power consumption, average power consumption:

High power indoor LED display is generally between 600W-1000W; high power outdoor LED display will be higher, generally between 700W-1200W; LED display The average power is 1/3 of high power.

7, Pixel resolution:

P1.6 LED display one square meter of pixels is 288000 points; P2 LED display one square meter of pixels is 250,000 points; P2.5 LED display one square meter of pixels is 160,000 points; p3LED The pixel of one square meter of display screen is 111111 points; the pixel of one square meter of P4 LED display screen is 62500 points. So, the more pixels per square meter of LED display, the more expensive it is? Of course, the more pixels per square meter, the more expensive the price and the higher the display quality.

8. Discrete runaway point:

<0.0001 (pixel failure rate / discrete state), 1/10000 The runaway point after two years is 2-3 / 10000.

9. Viewing angle, IP65 protection level: The viewing angle of the LED display can be ≥140 °. The IP65 protection level is the protection level parameter of the outdoor waterproof display, and the indoor LED display is IP40.

10. Gold wire copper bracket, copper wire copper bracket and copper wire iron bracket:

Gold wire copper bracket refers to the filament of the LED luminous lamp beads is packaged with gold wire, and the bracket is copper. This package is the most expensive. ; Copper wire copper bracket refers to the filament and lamp bead feet (bracket) of LED luminous lamp beads are packaged with copper wire; packaging manufacturers such as copper wire iron brackets have basically been eliminated, basically there is no such product.

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